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Our collective offers verified marijuana clones for sale online to medical marijuana patients throughout Illinois.

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In order for our collective to comply with SB 2636, your patient identification is required to buy marijuana clones online.

Having your patient status verified is simple. Fill out our Pre-Verification form to get started today.

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To expedite ordering marijuana clones for sale, spend the time necessary to decide which strains you want to cultivate prior to placing any phone orders.

Review our Strain Menu and research each type of cannabis further online to avoid delays.

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In order to process so many requests, we allow medical marijuana patients to reserve specific cannabis strains by ordering over the phone.

We accept cash donations at pick-up; however, a small fee will be applied to support our drivers.

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Indica Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Blueberry

Indica Marijuana Clones
Relaxation & Serenity
High CBD Content
Treats Body Conditions
Night Medication

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Sativa Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Trainwreck

Sativa Marijuana Clones
Uplifting & Energetic
High THC Content
Treats Cerebral Ailments
Day Medication

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Hybrid Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Master Kush

Hybrid Marijuana Clones
We breed tested SoCal strains with reputable Seedbank genetics ensuring
the most authentic hybrid
marijuana clones for sale online.

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Purple Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Purple Haze

Purple Marijuana Clones
These strains are for advanced
growers looking to cultivate
the highest quality cannabis
for medical marijuana patients.

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Disclaimer:  Cannabis seeds sold on Strainbank.com are novelty items. Check your local State laws to determine if marijuana seeds can be cultivated for medical use.